Venture Catalysts++ offers 54 startups above $50M in 7 years

Venture Catalysts Group (Vcats++), an integrated incubator and full investor for early-growth stage startups, has announced that around 54 of its portfolio startups have passed the $50 million valuation this year. Despite tough times that led to a 70 percent decline in funding this year, Venture Catalysts grew substantially, hosting more than 33 Soonicorns and more than 100 Minicorns. Individual valuations of at least two dozen companies have surpassed $100 million and some three startups: Shiprocket, BharatPe and Vendantu have achieved unicorn status in the past year.

Vcats++ is an early-growth stage fund that includes five funds ranging from seed stage to sector focus. The company first launched its $150 million accelerator fund in 2020, after which it launched four more, including Venture Catalysts Angel Fund, a $200 million fintech-focused fund called Beams, proptech fund Spyre, and agnostic fund of the $200 million Elev8 growth stage sector. The group has a combined portfolio of more than 300 startups whose consolidated valuation is pegged at around $10 billion, making it the largest early-stage to growth investment platform in the country.

“Valuations become important at a time when fears of a potential funding winter continue to scare investors and start-ups not only in India but around the world. He talks a lot about the growth and up rounds of the portfolio companies. Most of our portfolios have done extremely well in the last two years and we see at least 3-4 Unicorns spinning next year,” he said. Dr Apoorva Ranjan SharmaCo-founder of Venture Catalysts Group.

The company, which has three other co-founders – anil jain, anuj golecha Y Jain Gaurav, also aims to close 100 exits and upstream rounds by calendar year 2022. Venture Catalysts has invested in 301 deals across 200 startups since its inception, making it the leading early-stage investment platform in the India. Venture Catalysts believes in the strong mentorship program and timely guidance it provides to its portfolio that has helped those generate rounds at higher valuations and help startups with the meaningful connections they need in their growth stage.

Speaking about the support Venture Catalysts has provided, Somdutta Assidius said: “Finding a good mentor is the ‘secret sauce’ to startup success, and 9Unicorns and VCAT have been the guiding force for Assiduus Global. We receive support and resources from 9Unicorn to fuel our growth. When properly equipped, we have been able to take Assiduus to establish our presence in our sector around the world. We were able to get off the ground effortlessly and quickly in the real world thanks to mentorship, financial insights, potential business opportunities, industry networking and access to a global network for comprehensive support,” he said. somdutta singhFounder and CEO of Assiduus Global.

Venture Catalysts has driven early-stage investments worth $100 million (INR Rs 782.4 crore approx) through its network. Across 67 startups, 94 deals were executed, of which, 27 deals gave partial or full exits, while the rest witnessed ascending rounds. Corresponding to 17 deals, 13 startups have been canceled due to lack of asset recovery, or given less than 1x returns.

The integrated incubator has invested in startups with significant value propositions, investing in pre-seed, seed and Series A rounds, and has continued to support its portfolio in subsequent rounds. Some of the most important companies included in its portfolio are BharatPe, Vedantu, Zingbus, Beardo, SuprDaily, Innov8, Home Capital, BlowHorn, among others. Venture Catalysts has not only supported start-ups from their formative stage and helped them maneuver through the growth stage, but has also democratized the start-up ecosystem in the country. With more than 3,000 angel investors present in 55 cities, Venture Catalysts has the largest network in the country where they have helped raise awareness of startup investing through their master classes and customized startup programs.

Reflecting on the growth of the venture capital industry, Dr. Sharma added: “The rise of startups in India has set a new benchmark for entrepreneurship around the world. Venture Catalysts has taken proactive steps to create a diverse and holistic portfolio of companies with high growth potential, leveraging capital, mentorship, and our network of HNIs, Family Offices, CXOs, and more. Our goal is to democratize the business ecosystem, allowing more investors to explore higher-performing asset classes to achieve profitable returns in a faster turnaround time. As a by-product of these initiatives, we have also contributed to the creation of wealth and employment in the country”.