The Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs program launched today

A new initiative has been launched today to bring women closer to the idea of ​​starting their own business.

“Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs” aims to encourage women who have not yet taken the steps to start a business.

It focuses on harnessing the entrepreneurial potential of women in senior corporate positions, as well as those with doctoral and post-doctoral degrees, or women seeking a change of direction.

The program is supported by Enterprise Ireland and KPMG.

Their goal is to help early-stage entrepreneurs follow through on their ambitions and establish businesses that are scalable, innovative, and focused on export markets.

IdeasLab at the University of Galway is today hosting the first ever event to showcase Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs.

Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs has been developed by the same team behind the award-winning Going for Growth development programme.

Volunteering their time for this initiative, the panel was selected based on their shared backgrounds in corporate life, the professions, and academia, along with their experience building innovative companies in a variety of sectors.

They are Áine Denn, founder of Altify; Andrea Doolan, Co-Founder and CEO of Atlantia Food Clinical Trials; Dr. Anne Cusack, founder of Critical Healthcare; Dr. Barbara Anne Murphy, UCD’s head of equine science and Equilume’s chief scientific officer; Dr Emmeline Hill, Lecturer in the UCD School of Agriculture and Food Sciences and founder of Equinome; Fidelma McGuirk, Founder and CEO of Payslip; Jennifer Corley, founder of EquiTrace; Leonora O’Brien, founder of Pharmapod; Louella Morton, founder of TestReach and Dr. Vanessa Creaven, co-founder of Spotlight Oral Care.

Enterprise Ireland chief executive Leo Clancy said the agency’s six-year women in business strategy aims to increase women’s participation in both entrepreneurship and business leadership.

Leo Clancy CEO of Enterprise Ireland and Dr. Anne Cusack founder of Critical Healthcare

“This is because we recognize the potential to boost economic performance by maximizing all the skills and talent available in Ireland. We have set some ambitious targets, including doubling the number of women-led businesses in the export market by 2025” said Mr. Clancy said.

“One of our four key objectives is to ensure we build a strong pipeline of future entrepreneurs, and ‘Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs’ is about reaching out to and supporting women who want to become entrepreneurs and build innovative, export-focused businesses of scale. markets,” he added.

KPMG Olivia Lynch said that KPMG has a strong history of supporting women in business, which is why we are proud to participate in Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs.

“We are excited to see all the opportunities this initiative will open up for women who have the vision to harness their skills to be entrepreneurs and grow scalable businesses,” she added.

The National Director of Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs, Paula Fitzsimons, said the goal of this new initiative is to increase the number of innovative women-led scale-up companies focused on export markets.

“Through Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) research, we know that more women in Ireland are aspiring to start new businesses and that the rate of early-stage female entrepreneurs aspiring for significant growth is also increasing,” she said.

“Building on this fertile ground, we want to introduce the possibility of an entrepreneurial career to particular groups of women who may not have considered it before and where we believe the untapped entrepreneurial potential lies,” she added.

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