Top 26 VCs in Miami, according to other VCs

  • Miami’s tech startup scene has heated up in the past two years as venture capitalists have flocked to the city.
  • Seed funding for the area topped $2 billion this year, according to Crunchbase.
  • Insider asked venture capitalists to identify top investors in the Miami area. This is what they told us.

In the past two years, Miami’s burgeoning tech startup scene has exploded.

It has become a magnet for investors from companies like Founders Fund, Tiger Global Management and Lux ​​Capital, all of which have at least one part-time or full-time partner in town. In July, Andreessen Horowitz said she would open an office in Miami Beach.

Despite the slowdown in venture capital investments this year, the seed funding flowing into the Miami area will dwarf last year’s total, according to Crunchbase, with more than $2 billion already invested.

The city has also become a popular spot for crypto and Web3 startups, with companies like QuickNode, Upstream, MoonPay, and Yuga Labs all based in the area.

Several venture capitalists have compared Miami’s fledgling startup scene to the early days of other tech hubs. Anti Fund co-founder Geoffrey Woo said Miami’s “raw animal energy” is reminiscent of San Francisco in years past, while Pareto co-founder Jon Oringer told Insider that Miami has the feel of the city’s tech scene. New York two decades ago. behind.

“Miami will eventually be a huge international tech hub,” Oringer said. “It is unavoidable.”

Insider asked venture capitalists and other prominent tech figures which investors, Miami-area founders, they should know about. They identified 26 of the most esteemed startup sponsors in South Florida.

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