Shocking moment water pours through British Airways cabin mid-flight from Heathrow to Washington DC as crew scream

WATER cascades through a cabin at 30,000 feet in terrifying scenes in a jumbo jet.

Towels and blankets were frantically placed on the floor and around the emergency exit door to try to stem the flow.


Water spilled through a BA flight in the air, terrifying passengersCredit: Unknown, clear with images desktop
The stream was seen pouring down a set of steps


The stream was seen pouring down a set of stepsCredit: Unknown, clear with images desktop
The flight was headed to Washington DC.


The flight was headed to Washington DC.Credit: Alamy

A shocked crew member surveying the scene of the flight exclaimed, “No way.”

A steady rain of water fell from the roof of the Airbus A380 during flight BA292 from Heathrow to Washington DC.

The stairs at the front of the plane leading from the First cabin to the Club World seats were also soaked.

Crew members were soaking wet trying to mop up the water, and passengers crawled into dry areas of the plane.

Nervous travelers were concerned that the water could damage avionics wiring and the electrical system.

Carpets were laid down in a desperate attempt to prevent the liquid from seeping through the plane.

Despite the best efforts of the crew, water was still coming out of a clean water tank.

Hundreds of liters of water from one of the jet’s supplies were washing down the plane towards the end of the 12-hour flight.

BA said there was no need to divert because safety was not compromised. The jet was repaired by engineers on landing and later resumed service.

It is the first time that one of BA’s A380 aircraft has leaked mid-flight, although Airbus has been affected by similar incidents.

Chaotic scenes on the British Airways plane – which took off at 10:40 p.m. last Friday and arrived in the United States at 10:55 a.m. on Saturday – were shared with The Sun in video clips.

In one, a BA stewardess can be heard whispering “no way” as she watches the shocking scene.

Another airline worker told The Sun: “This was not a flight for nervous travellers.

“An in-flight waterfall is not a common feature in BA. It looked more like British Waterways than British Airways.

“The crew was thankful that the leak occurred towards the end of the transatlantic crossing.

“There were a few people who said their Hail Marys, but the staff was professional at all times.”

BA said a faulty valve in the internal clean water supply was repaired upon arrival in the US.

An airline spokesman said: “While there were no security concerns at any point, the area was quickly isolated and the flight continued as planned.”

Meanwhile, BA staff are willing to support the strike over a pay dispute. A staggering 97.3% of polled staff said they would leave, potentially causing travel chaos for millions of people.

Unite bosses will now step up negotiations with management and, if no resolution is reached, a new vote on industrial action will be pushed.

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