I want to buy land in 5 years so I am taking 4 steps now

  • I lived in big cities all my life until I finally bought a house in a small town during the pandemic.
  • I love my slower pace of life and increased square footage, but I want more: I want country land.
  • To get there, I’m investing in my house and making a plan for my parents to move in with me.

I grew up in a big city and, until very recently, I have always lived in cities. I achieved my goal of buying my first home by leaving the city for small town life during the early days of the pandemic. He had already been looking for a location within walking distance of the big city when the pandemic hit. I spent eight months, including one of the hottest summers I can remember, isolated in my tiny one-bedroom apartment on a busy street, feeling like the walls were closing in on me. Those same walls let in all the many sounds and smells of my neighbors’ lives, constantly reminding me why I made the decision to finally leave the city.

Looking for a house in a new location in an increasingly active market, as a result of the mass exodus from the big city, was like accepting another full-time job. But I did it. I moved in October 2020 and have since enjoyed the slower pace, lower overall cost of living, and increased square footage.

This taste of the good life makes me feel grateful. It also makes me think about what my next steps might be. I came looking for peace of mind, and I got it. But now I want more. More peace, more privacy and more green spaces around me than I can have living in the city. Now, I dream of having a piece of land, a rural property with space to spare. I guess you could say I’ve moved the goal posts, and I’ve moved them onto the pitch.

My three to five year plan now includes the lofty financial goal of buying a remote property with more land and more freedom. This is how I am working to make my dream come true.

I’m making lifestyle changes, like learning to drive and buying a car.

My name is Allison and I am not a driver. But not for much longer. I managed to get here without a driver’s license, but living in a small town without a car is challenging. I still have neighbors who welcome me to the neighborhood after almost two years living in my house; no car in the driveway = no people in the house. LOL. But seriously, having a car is going to be essential to my new life. To that end, I’m saving up to buy my first car and this summer you’ll find me in a driver’s education classroom with a group of 16-year-olds learning the roads.

I became fully independent in the summer of 2021 and have been actively building my businesses and focusing on opportunities that give me full control of how and where I work. While I initially moved away from the city thinking I would have to commute to work once or twice a week, now, like many others, I am a firm believer that remote work is the future.

As a writer, I can do my work from anywhere with a good internet connection. In my career as a dance teacher I teach both face-to-face and virtual classes. How will I make my teaching work once I move to the country? It has always been a dream of mine to have a home studio, and I do now, albeit modest in size. When the search for my country house finally begins, I will be looking for a property that will allow me to convert an existing outbuilding into a dance studio or build one from scratch. I will work out of my home studio, teaching in-person and virtual lessons, with the opportunity to earn income to host events, retreats, and artist residencies on-site.

I am investing in my house and building my savings

In terms of how I am lining up my financial ducks in a row to make my new dream an eventual reality, I am periodically and incrementally increasing my monthly contributions to my savings relative to my fluctuating income. I’m making saving a priority.

I currently live in my largest investment. It’s my house, and I love it. It is also the key to my lofty financial goals. I regularly invest in improvements to my home, not only to be able to enjoy it, but also to increase the resale value of my home.

I’m strategizing with my parents.

I am a big advocate of multigenerational living. I lived abroad for most of my 20s and now that I’m 30 and live a two hour drive from my parents and sister, I can’t imagine living that far away again. Especially since my parents are getting older.

When I first moved out of the city, I casually started campaigning for my parents to sell their house in the big city and move to my new corner of the woods. Now, I’m hatching a plan to buy my dream remote property with my parents. I would live in the existing building (in my dreams it’s an old red brick farmhouse) and convert a barn or other outbuilding or maybe build a new passive sustainable house all on one level for my parents to age in place with comfort and style.

We would each sell our houses, pool our money, and buy a rural property. Or start a hippie commune or a kibbutz. We’ll see. The additional purchasing power the three of us would have by combining our resources could help us create something very special that might otherwise have been beyond our financial reach.

Of course, much of the success of this plan depends on the real estate market. I have an idea of ​​where I want to live, but I keep my mind and my search area open. I closely monitor the housing market in surrounding areas and learn about promising locations. Having a clear picture of market patterns, prices, and demand will help me ground my lofty financial goals in reality.

I keep in touch with my mortgage broker.

Lastly, I maintain close ties with my phenomenal mortgage broker, the wise and wonderful Lisa Okun. She was instrumental in helping me navigate a very challenging market when I purchased my first home. I suspect she will be my secret weapon on the next house hunt. Next up: I’ll be reaching out to her big brain for my plans and trusting her to give me the real scoop on how to make things happen.

I am happy where I am now. I have the space, tranquility and healthier pace of life that I was looking for. And, I’m always looking ahead, thinking about what’s next. For me, it is more space, more quiet, more freedom and it looks like an open field in the rolling field.

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