Social Welfare Ireland: June 2022 Child Benefit payment date change confirmed due to bank holiday

Welfare recipients could see changes to their usual payment dates due to the upcoming June bank holiday.

Payments, including child benefit and pension, could arrive on different days than usual, as Monday, June 6, is a bank holiday.

All banks and post offices will be closed on that date.

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It means that thousands of families across Ireland could receive their Child Allowance payment sooner than expected.

The monthly social assistance payment of €140 to parents and guardians of children under the age of 16 is usually issued on the first Tuesday of each month.

It is also available to children ages 16 and 17 in full-time education or full-time training, or who have a disability and are unable to support themselves.

Although it is usually paid on the first Tuesday of each month, in cases where the Monday before is a bank holiday, the child benefit is sometimes paid earlier.

Holiday weekends can see people get paid a few days earlier, so some parents might get it this Friday, June 3, or Saturday, June 4, but this isn’t always guaranteed.

For their part, the recipients of the pension will be able to collect it two days before due to the bridge.

The payment, which is usually made on Mondays, will be available at the recipient’s collection point on Saturday, June 4.

Anyone who receives the pension directly into their bank account or by check can expect to receive it on Friday, June 4.

In terms of other welfare payments, those normally due on Monday, June 6, will be paid on Friday, June 4.

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