Samsung surpasses its highest global smartphone market share in 5 years

Last update: May 30, 2022 at 18:18 UTC+02:00

Samsung just achieved its highest global smartphone market share in five years. As of April 2022, Samsung was the top-selling smartphone brand with a 24% market share, the highest since June 2017.

Once again, the Galaxy S22 series and the lower cost Galaxy A phones were the source behind this newfound success. Samsung hasn’t reached this level of global dominance since April 2017. Back then, it had a 25% market share.

Samsung was just 1% short of breaking that record in April 2022. And while Samsung’s market share soared to 24% in terms of phone sales, Apple’s plummeted to 15%. Apple was followed by Xiaomi, the latter of which owned 12% of the global smartphone market sales in April.

How was Samsung so successful?

In addition to the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy A smartphones being great products, Samsung’s positive result was driven by several other factors, such as strong supply chain management and a healthy balance between supply and demand.

Samsung also made a big impact in India, and attractive promotions in major markets, including Latin America, have also helped the company expand its presence.

“Going forward, Samsung is likely to retain the leading position in the global smartphone market in the second quarter” predict counterpoint research Analysts added that the foldable segment also has a lot of potential for the Korean tech giant.

Samsung is preparing to launch Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 in August-September.

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