Family forced to fork out €500 on new clothes after bags go ‘lost’ on Ryanair flight to Spain

A family of five’s first vacation abroad since the covid pandemic turned into a nightmare after all their bags were lost in transit.

Emma Hayward, her husband, two young children and an elderly mother were left in a sticky situation after their clothes failed to follow them from Manchester airport to Fuerteventura on their Ryanair flight on Saturday.

The 44-year-old says the family has already been forced to fork out €500 on new clothes, shoes and toiletries, and he still has no idea where his bags are or when they might arrive.

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The mother-of-two from Cheshire, England, says she has made repeated attempts to contact Ryanair but says she has been told they cannot help as it is Manchester Airport’s responsibility.

Emma Hayward with her family in Fuerteventura

Now she is warning other tourists to pack as many essentials as possible in their hand luggage after she claims other people staying at her hotel have had the same problem.

The Emma debacle comes as passengers flying back to Manchester on Sunday shared videos of “hundreds” of luggage left “abandoned” in baggage halls as they waited hours for their luggage to arrive.

Speaking to MEN, Emma said: “We always mixed up the luggage in our bags in case one of the bags goes missing, but we never anticipated that they would all go missing.

“At check-in, as we had soft bags, we were asked to put them on a conveyor belt in a separate area, which I had done before. Once we landed, everyone else seemed to disappear so we thought they might be going out through special baggage.

“We waited and waited but nothing happened. We had to keep going to the Ryanair representatives and eventually they gave us lost luggage forms to fill out. They told us our luggage was still in Manchester and they would be on the next flight. “. . I said that wasn’t until Tuesday, and they said they would try to get them out of a different airport.”

Emma says she hasn’t heard from them since they arrived at their hotel on Saturday night and has spent several hours on the phone with Ryanair trying to find out when her bags might arrive.

“I must have called Ryanair 30 times, and they keep saying it’s Manchester airport’s fault. They said they sent a message to the airport but couldn’t get through to them,” he said.

'Abandoned' luggage lined up in Manchester Airport's baggage hall as passengers waited for their own bags to arrive.
‘Abandoned’ luggage lined up in Manchester Airport’s baggage hall as passengers waited for their own bags to arrive.

“Three other families from our hotel have also lost their bags because they also had soft bags. One of them has a small baby. I called arrivals in Fuerteventura and asked if our bags were on the Tuesday flight, and they said no.” .

“We went shopping yesterday to buy some clothes as we literally have nothing and have spent around €500 on that alone. We’re going to have to go again today because it’s a nice hotel and you can’t really wear the same.” use in the day at night.

“We have no idea if we’ll get the money back, but I’m just trying to focus on getting the bags back. We’re lucky we can go out and afford new clothes. Some people wouldn’t have.” spare money for expenses.

Emma says the family was looking forward to their first holiday abroad since 2019, but the first few days were marred by confusion surrounding their bags.

“We’re self-employed, and the last couple of years have been tough. It’s annoying that you can’t relax because tidying up is on your mind all the time. My mom is much more careful about the kinds of things she wears, so which has been a nightmare for her. It’s really not ideal at all,” she said.

“I think our bags are somewhere in Manchester airport but who knows if we’ll get them back. I can’t believe Ryanair doesn’t have a contact number for them.”

The Manchester Evening News understands that check-in and baggage issues are the responsibility of the airline and its designated baggage handling agent.

Ryanair said in a statement: “Due to a fault with the baggage carousel at Manchester Airport (28 May), a small number of passengers did not receive their checked baggage on arrival in Fuerteventura. We are working with our support agents. at Manchester airport to gather customers. with your luggage and we sincerely apologize to customers for this delay.

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