Confirmed dates for the payment of social assistance before the June bridge – Child benefit and pension

With the June bank holiday fast approaching, payment dates for those on certain welfare plans will change as post offices and banks close on that day.

People can expect to receive their payments before the day, however this could depend on how you have set it up, eg via bank, check, etc.

We have collected all the information on the social benefits affected, including benefits for dependent children and all pension plans.

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child benefit

Those receiving the child benefit are not likely to be affected by the June bank holiday, as those who qualify for the payment and have it paid directly into their bank account should receive it on Tuesday, June 7.

However, in certain cases, people may receive it on Friday June 3, however this may not be the same for everyone.

Those who receive their payments through checks that should arrive on Monday, June 6, should also receive them the previous Friday, since they will be published a day earlier.

This may mean that for people with children ages 16 and 17, it could be their final payment until September.

For parents and legal guardians with children between the ages of 16 and 17, their monthly Child Allowance will be suspended during July and August, with June being their final payment for the summer months.

If your children continue in full-time education, are in full-time training, or have a disability and cannot support themselves, your payments will start again in September.

With this payment they will also receive the July and August arrears.

However, if your child turns 18 before September, you will receive any payment that would have been given up to the month of the child’s 18th birthday.

Confirmed new dates for payment of pensions and social security for the June bridge


With the upcoming bank holiday landing on Monday, June 6, welfare and pension payments can be collected two days earlier.

They will be available at your collection point from Saturday June 4.

If you receive your payments directly into your bank account, you will be paid on Friday, June 3.

Those who receive their welfare and welfare payments via check can expect it to be sent to them a day earlier, with most people receiving it on Friday, June 3.

Other welfare payments

If you would normally receive your welfare payments on Monday, June 6, you can expect to receive them on Friday, June 4.

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