How did we get to this point?

Yesterday was a low point in the history of Dublin Airport. It seemed surreal.

At a time when passengers face so many other challenges, from passport availability, car rentals and hotel costs, it was simply unbelievable to face long hours of delay in queues that snake outside airport terminals.

So how did we get to this point?

So far, the DAA has blamed a number of factors for the airport chaos: a shortage of security personnel after voluntary layoffs during the pandemic, the ongoing recruitment and training of new staff, unexpected absences yesterday, and passengers who they arrived early.

Whatever combination of these led to the chaos, it’s hard not to question what exactly the daa does, if it doesn’t manage these factors, especially when they know in advance how many passengers will be leaving the airport on any given day.

The daa raised his hand and admitted that he drove very poorly yesterday.

More than 1,000 people missed their flights and the company now says it will compensate those passengers for the “out-of-pocket” expenses they incurred as a result.

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This includes overnight expenses, extra transportation expenses and any other expenses that arise as a result of missing flights.

However, the company wants to see your receipts and they will have to submit them with your claim.

What is not covered is a missed day of vacation, an unused hotel or rental car abroad or any inconvenience, which according to the Irish Consumers Association should also be covered.

For some, it puts the proverbial “tin hat” on a travel season that has already been clouded by a host of other factors.

Everyone is already aware of the long wait times for passports and how that issue is forcing some family vacation cancellations.

Then there are the sky-high prices of some hotels if you’re looking for a last-minute room, especially in Dublin, and some eye-popping quotes to hire a car for a few days.

Before yesterday’s security problems at Dublin airport, tourists leaving Ireland had already complained about all the costs.

One can only imagine what they must be saying now.

One last question… what if it had been raining?

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