The shocking moment the postman KICKS the family dog ​​while delivering a package is captured on the doorbell leaving his daughter in tears

THIS is the shocking moment a family dog ​​was kicked by a postman, leaving a daughter crying her eyes out.

The horror incident was caught on a doorbell camera as the Royal Mail worker delivered a parcel.


Royal Mail postman was caught kicking the dog after claiming it bit him
The dog went flying down the runway before cowering in the grass.


The dog went flying down the runway before cowering in the grass.

In footage from Greater Manchester, the postman can be heard muttering a few words before handing the package to the teenager.

The family dog ​​can then be seen running towards the open door barking.

But then, in an astonishing moment, the man appears to kick the dog, sending it flying down the driveway and whimpering across the grass.

He stands up and stays away from the postman who claims the dog bit him on the ankle causing a reflex, The Manchester Evening News reported.

The man then leaves, but the devastated daughter’s mother said she was heartbroken after the horrific incident.

The mother now claims the dog urinates every time the doorbell rings and has since made a formal complaint to Royal Mail.

The mother said: “She was crying her eyes out and she is not an emotional child.

“My dog ​​is afraid to go to the door and when the doorbell rings, he urinates and is visibly shaking.”

In a letter seen by the Manchester Evening News, Royal Mail apologized for the inconvenience caused, but noted that 33 of its couriers are injured by dogs each week.

They said such injuries range from “small bites to life-changing injuries to friends at work.”

The letter went on to say, “We wish to again express our regret and offer our apologies once again for the inconvenience, especially to your little daughter.

“Royal Mail staff are family people, with cats, dogs and other pets, and we fully appreciate what a big part of a home they are.”

The company, which has been delivering mail since 1516, said it practices an absolute AVOID policy with pets.

This means mail is returned to the office for a safe delivery attempt if a pet is defending its space.

A Royal Mail spokesman said in a statement: “The Royal Mail treats all dog attacks on our postmen very seriously.

“Our first priority as an employer is to ensure the well-being and safety of our people who provide a valuable service to our customers.

“The vast majority of dog owners are very responsible and keep their pets under control. Yet last year there were 1,690 dog attacks on postmen in the UK, some of which resulted in life-changing injuries.” .

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“We continue to appeal to dog owners and their families to help reduce the number of attacks, particularly at the door and in the garden.

“Customers who would like more information on how to prevent dog attacks when the mail carrier visits their property can visit our website at”

Royal Mail said it treats all dog attacks on its postmen and carriers very seriously.


Royal Mail said it treats all dog attacks on its postmen and carriers very seriously.

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