Google fixes leaks by “leaking” Pixel 7, Pixel Watch, Pixel Tablet, but there’s one more thing!

Google I/O is an annual developer conference organized by Google. In case you were wondering, “I/O” stands for Input/Output, as well as the slogan “Innovation in the great outdoors”. For Apple enthusiasts, that’s the Google equivalent of WWDC or World Developers Conference.

And while Google I/O has historically been a software-focused event where the most interesting part was undoubtedly the unveiling of the next version of Android, the last few years have been different. Especially 2022.

Sure, we still have a word on Android 13 and all of Google’s amazing work improving and evolving its existing app portfolio, but I won’t lie: I was holding my breath for some new hardware.

And holy hottie (?!), Google delivered!

So let’s talk about the pixel 6a, Pixel Buds Pro, and… the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, pixel clock and Pixel tablet? That’s how it is. Google overdelivered when it comes to hardware at this event, and I think you might know why…

Not only did Google introduce some long-awaited products like the Pixel Buds Pro, which I guess are supposed to take the role of Apple’s AirPods Pro in the Android world, but we finally got the first A-series phone, the Google Pixel. 6A, carrying Google’s new design and brand identity, looking as iconic as the Pixel 6, released in late 2021. Those were “immediate” releases, products people will be able to buy soon. Although the release frame for them is at the end of June, so I’m not sure how soon that is…

Google Pixel Hardware Dump: Felt Nice… Might Release Later (Pixel 7, Pixel Watch, and Pixel Tablet)

Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro: five months early

Then… the crowd got out their phones and started taking pictures of… the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro because they were on display. They were being revealed for all to see! It turns out that the premature announcement of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in 2021 was no exception to the rule for Google.

The thing is, the Pixel 6 pre-announcement came after a series (and by ‘series’ I mean a whole station) of leaks were already published by OnLeaks and Jon Prosser in the months leading up to the official reveal. Also, the previous Pixel 6 announcement came in August, two months before the phones launch.

While we’ve certainly had our fair share of Google Pixel 7 leaks this year, they haven’t been as detailed, assuming there won’t be much news about the Pixel 7 series compared to Google’s current flagships. Anyway, the point is that the Pixel 7 hasn’t been leaked as much as the Pixel 6.

Also, this time around, Google’s pre-announcement takes place in early May, which is almost half a year away from when the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are expected to debut in mid-October.

Google Pixel Watch: It’s time for GD…

So, the super-hyper-ultra-long-early Y Pixel Watch followed. As you may know, this one was already ‘fully revealed’ in Reddit, thanks to allegedly Google employees managed to leave it in a bar in Chicago.

Regardless, the Google Pixel Watch will also launch alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro in October, making it another five-month wait for those who want to get their hands on it. Until then, try your local biergartens. Who knows!

Google Pixel Tablet: twenty twenty three

And then there was the Pixel tablet announcement.

First of all, absolutely nobody saw it coming: the media was not informed about it; we’ve never seen it in any leaks and frankly… It’s almost as if Android fans have already given up hope of a new, bigger slab made by Google after the Nexus tablet was retired in 2014. Plus, Google essentially said the company would give up the tablet business in 2019. Well, no.

The weirdest part of this announcement was that the Pixel tablet isn’t expected to debut late, like in October or later this year. It’s actually a 2023 release, which for some reason had to be announced now. Out of left field.

It’s almost guaranteed that the Pixel tablet won’t see the light of day until May 2023 or even October 2023, as Google doesn’t typically hold events before then. This means that we will probably have to wait a whole year or even a year and a half to see the new tablet made by Google, which is only joke in this point. Totally out of left field.

Why is Google announcing its phones, watches, and tablets months or even years in advance?

While I’m sure this could be explained by a change in Google’s product marketing strategy, we can’t ignore the elephant in the room. Google devices are leaking from left to right.

As mentioned above, we have already seen details real-life photos of the Pixel Watch, which was even compared to the Apple Watch. Also, we knew this was coming over a year ago, thanks to Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech, who leaked it in April 2021, along with the Pixel 6, which ended up in the hands of a Nigerian who tested the Pixel 6 pre-production unit and used it to take sample photos and videos and share them on YouTube.
For him Registrationif we go back headband, we will see that other Google phones have also failed to escape the threat of leaks. For example, the Pixel 3 was spotted in a subway station in Toronto, someone was using it, and it was even found in a taxi in the US before it was officially unveiled.

Will Google’s plan to prevent leaks work?

Before talking to you about Google’s One More Thing, I want to clarify that No phone manufacturer is immune to leaks…

For example, we saw Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra in real-life photos months before the official reveal, and we already know what Apple’s iPhone 14 lineup will look like thanks to renders shared by various insiders. Also, let’s not forget the history of the Apple iPhone 4 bar. The story of the OG bar.

But still, we haven’t seen what’s pretty much a full hands-on preview of recent Samsung or Apple devices, something we can’t say about the Pixel Watch and Pixel 6. So maybe this is Google saying, “We’re taking control of leaks from… leaks from our own products.” But what I’m not so sure about is if this will work in favor of Google…

For example, I have a Pixel 6 Pro and having seen the Pixel 7 Pro design now confirmed, I can now say with confidence that I won’t be looking to upgrade. On the contrary, when several sources leaked the Pixel 6 Pro in 2021, and we were all excited about the new design, riding the hype train, I bought it. It worked. I ordered the phone in advance and later regretted it because it came with a lot of bugs.

One more thing: Google didn’t show everything in I/O

Anyway, I don’t know if you noticed, but a long-awaited product wasn’t revealed during Google I/O! Of course, this is the alleged Pixel Notepad/Pixel Fold, Google’s first folding phone. That’s controversial as this one hasn’t been leaked yet, but it’s surely been heavily rumoured.

According to insiders, the Google Pixel Notepad is expected to debut in the fourth quarter of 2022, which points towards an October release, alongside the now partially revealed Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel Watch.

Why is Google hiding Pixel Notepad/Pixel Fold?

My guess is that if Google intends to release the Pixel Notepad alongside the Pixel 7 series in October, the company is ready to bet in the name of surpriseknowing that the flip phone could leak at any moment. Wouldn’t the company’s first flip phone be the perfect One more thing during the October event? Yes, I would! Despite being a Cupertino tradition, it won’t be a surprise if Mountain View borrows it this year. Apple doesn’t seem to have anything as special as a foldable phone in the works right now, so why not let Google take center stage?

Oh, and did you see Google’s prototype AR glasses and how they can translate speech with live subtitles in real time?

I won’t count this as an “advance announcement” as it wasn’t really an announcement and because Google Glass (or whatever Google decides to call glasses) is certainly years away from being official. But, man… that was it. awesome demo!

Conspiracy theory time…

After being asked if Google’s tablet could be foldable, Rick Osterloh, senior vice president of devices and services at Alphabet. said, “Oh… ah… you know… We just showed a bit of a prototype of what we are building today, which is a standard tablet. There will be a lot more details shared next year, which is when it comes to market.” He was smiling nervously!!!

So I’m not saying it but I am saying it:

1. Could the Pixel Tablet be the Pixel Notepad/Pixel Fold?

2. Pixel Tablet/Notepad/Fold could be delayed until 2023?

3. Or maybe not.

Bye now.

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