Irish drivers to be hit by ‘record’ petrol and diesel prices in coming weeks

The price of petrol is rising once again in Ireland as several counties face steep increases over the last week.

According to a report in the Irish Independent, the price of diesel could soon reach €2 per liter in garages across the country.

According to their estimates, in the coming days the cost of filling up your car will increase even more, with Dublin and Westmeath currently reporting the highest prices.

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Over the next seven days, fuel prices are expected to hit record highs, ultimately eroding the savings made from recent government cuts.

Officials had opted to cut 20 cents off the price of a liter of petrol and 15 cents off diesel, but with prices rising amid supply problems, any effect these cuts have had will fade.

The Irish Independent’s fuel survey over the past five days also found that while the national price of petrol had stabilized, it is now rising significantly, by around 6p a litre.

This news will not be welcomed by those who are already struggling with the rising cost of living in Ireland.

Irish drivers to be hit by ‘record’ petrol and diesel prices in coming weeks

But according to the experts at, there are actually a number of things you can do to reduce your gas mileage without cutting back on driving.

avoid idling

When your car is running, but not moving, it is effectively getting 0 miles per gallon.

So if your car will be sitting for more than a minute, you should turn off the engine if it is safe to do so.

Some cars have the option to turn off the engine while waiting in traffic and will turn on automatically when you touch the clutch.

Accelerating and braking

You should always apply consistent and steady pressure to your car’s accelerator pedal when driving.

A heavy foot will always result in the car consuming gas at a much faster rate.

So try to develop a better feel to prevent the turbo from kicking in unnecessarily.

Coast when possible

Constantly accelerating and braking only wastes fuel and reduces your car’s fuel consumption.

Therefore, whenever possible, slide and avoid burning excess fuel.

This does take some practice though not to cut in, but it’s a great way to increase your car’s fuel economy.

keep the windows closed

This is a problem that many people are not aware of, but keeping the windows down while driving creates more wind resistance and drag for your car.

If you are driving at speeds below 50 km/h, it is generally okay to keep the windows down.

However, at higher speeds you should wind them to reduce drag and improve fuel economy.

Reduce the weight in the vehicle.

Get rid of any unnecessary items in the trunk of your car or other areas of the vehicle.

For every 100 pounds of vehicle weight, your car’s fuel economy drops by about one to two percent.

By making sure your car is as light as possible, you can improve fuel economy and save money on your fuel bill.

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