Almost 900,000 abandoned Android apps could soon be removed from the Play Store

Joe Hindy / Android Authority


  • Google is preparing to remove nearly 900,000 apps from the Play Store.
  • The apps in question have not been updated for at least two years.
  • Apple is taking similar steps on the App Store.

The Google Play Store could see the number of available apps drop by nearly a third as Google prepares to remove apps that haven’t been updated.

Google and Apple have come up with measures to deal with abandoned apps or apps that haven’t been updated in two years. In Google’s case, that comes to 869,000 apps, while Apple has about 650,000. According CNETGoogle is preparing to hide those apps, making it impossible for users to download them until developers update them.

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The main reason both companies are taking these steps is to protect the safety of their users. Older apps don’t take advantage of Android and iOS changes, new APIs, or new development methods that provide better protection. As a result, older apps may have security flaws that newer apps don’t.

At the same time, some developers have complained about plans to remove apps that haven’t been updated in two years. In some cases, such as indie game creators, there is very little to do once a simple game has been created and released. These developers feel that the actions of Apple and Google place an unfair burden on them.

Either way, neither company seems willing to change course, and despite concerns from indie developers, it’s the right move for user security.

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