Idea Lab 2022 Incubator Program for Social Entrepreneurs

Application Deadline: June 6, 2022

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is now accepting applications from aspiring social entrepreneurs around the world for the first round of its Idea Lab incubator, a new program that expands the reach of the ASME Innovation Showcase (ISHOW) Hardware Accelerator Platform. Idea Lab is open to individuals and teams who have identified a pressing social and/or environmental challenge that they believe could be addressed through hardware-based innovation. Applicants may submit an engineering problem statement or conceptual hardware solution that, once developed and scaled, will positively impact vulnerable populations.

With the addition of the Idea Lab incubator, ASME moves “upstream” to help budding social entrepreneurs develop and implement their social impact hardware concepts from pre-prototype stage and filling the pipeline for future ISHOW participants. prepared to bring those innovations to the communities. those who need them.

The prestigious ISHOW international hardware-driven social innovation accelerator has enabled more than 180 startups from more than 30 countries to solve critical quality-of-life challenges for underserved communities around the world. ISHOW alumni have developed affordable and sustainable hardware solutions that address many of the challenges outlined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including access to healthcare diagnostics, clean energy, water, sanitation, and affordable agricultural innovations. to help end hunger and food waste.


  • Entrepreneurs, academics, engineers, designers, students, hobbyists, and others with an innovative mindset, a passion for solving pressing problems, and a willingness to learn are encouraged to apply for this personalized learning and mentoring opportunity.
  • Interested applicants can access free educational resources on the ISHOW website to familiarize themselves with the design process before submitting an Idea Lab application.


  • An initial cohort of Idea Lab candidates will participate in the program for six to 18 months, depending on their stage of development, technical knowledge, and required mentorship.
  • They will receive a variety of benefits, including guidance through the design process, expert mentoring and evaluation, access to design services, design and engineering software/tools, and funding to cover prototyping expenses.
  • Candidates can expect to spend an average of two to four hours per week split between flexibly scheduled meetings and self-paced learning modules.
  • Mentors include industry professionals with backgrounds in research, design, engineering, business development, and more. Idea Lab candidates will work closely with Engineering for Change Fellows who will guide them throughout their technology development journey.

For more information:

Visit the official website of the Idea Lab 2022 Incubator Program

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