6 questions to ask your financial advisor right now as stocks continue to slide and the viral baby formula thread shows why moms can’t just breastfeed their way out of shortages

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Alexander Skarsgard sells his New York home for $2.6 million

“The Northman” star Alexander Skarsgard is putting his East Village apartment on the market for $2.6 million, according to Architectural Digest. read more

Could we really have a 4-day workweek in the US?

Nearly 80% of employees with a 4-day work week said they were happier and less stressed. read more

‘Rebalancing During This Pullback Is A Great Idea’: 6 Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisor Right Now As Stocks Continue To Fall

“Rebalancing during this pullback is a great idea,” says a financial advisor. read more

Viral baby formula thread shows why moms can’t just breastfeed their way out of shortages

Carla Cevasco, an assistant professor at Rutgers University, wants to correct an ‘inaccurate narrative’ about how we fed our babies before commercial formula Read More

An inventory crisis is making life miserable for home buyers. Our interactive map can help you track the availability of homes for sale near you.

MarketWatch analyzed five years of monthly housing inventory data and created a tool you can use to search by county for the change in homes available for sale. read more

‘True power is the ability to control oneself.’ Actor and businessman Terry Crews reveals his secrets to being strong and powerful at work and at home

Life lessons that are vital at work and to advance your career. read more

The 2022 Honda Odyssey is a great minivan truly made for families

This premium minivan seats 7 or 8 (with 15 cup holders), drives like a dream, has strong resale values, and starts at $33,040. read more

How to Vacation in Hawaii on a Budget

Demand in some of Hawaii’s top destinations is exceeding pre-pandemic levels. But you can still have a Hawaiian vacation on a budget. read more

Jeff Bezos makes a $120 million mystery donation. So who was the lucky recipient?

The world’s second-richest person dumped some 47,700 Amazon shares, but did not specify which group received the contribution. read more

I am newly self-employed. Should I open a health savings account?

If you’re eligible, a health savings account is pretty much a no-brainer. read more

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