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The University of Canterbury Christ Church alumna started using UniTaskr in September 2020 while she was between studies, completing her first task a day after downloading the app. She was struggling to find part-time jobs with a baby on the way when she found out about UniTaskr on TikTok.

UniTaskr connects students with companies or people that need their skills, which can be anything from mowing lawns to managing business accounts.

Megan was even able to land a work-from-home position through the app, earning £1,190 per month along with roughly £600 for ambassador programs and SHOUT tasks on the app.

She shared, “I was able to save money, now I rent my own property in a new area with my daughter and pay my bills with the money I make, plus I bought a late 2020 license plate car last year.

“I would never have been able to live comfortably alone with a child without UniTaskr or be able to treat them to things like days off, new clothes and toys.”

Megan told what she would like other potential UniTaskrs to hear: “I would tell anyone that it’s not too good to be true, he really is that good and trust him!

“I would recommend applying to all assignments, making sure you meet the assignment requirements to give yourself a better chance, and not getting discouraged if you don’t get hired for everything, as there are so many students.”

Co-founders Joseph Black and Oliver Jacobs were college sophomores when they started what would become a six-figure business with plans to change the lives of students around the world.

The founding couple desperately noted how many of their peers had to leave their education behind because of the cost and were determined to help others avoid the same fate.

Now, UniTaskr is approaching the £1m milestone before the duo reached their twenties.

University fees currently cost £9,250 a year and while some are lucky enough to shoulder the burden, others have no choice.


Mr Black exclusively shared with “At the time we had a lot of friends who were struggling financially. Unfortunately, several of our friends had to drop out of college because they couldn’t afford the costs, they weren’t necessarily in a position where their parents could support them. We started looking at how we could build a platform for students where they could use their skills, build expertise, and prevent other students from having to go through that.”

The first version of UniTaskr, then called Unidosh, was born in the couple’s bedroom, although neither had any intentions of building a million-pound multinational company.

In fact, Mr. Black had been studying animal behavior after a gap year in South Africa, while Mr. Jacobs was studying architecture.

Mr. Black shared that it is not just income that they provide to students: “It is a shame that they have to work to support themselves, but it is also good that they get work experience in the right place.

“We’re giving them that hard-to-build experience so that when they graduate they can go into the industry of their choice. We are not talking about flexible bar jobs, we will have social media marketers who are studying marketing and can manage the social profiles of companies. We provide students with the platform by which they can build that experience. That’s really helpful.”

Mr. Jacob added: “We provide them with jobs that are really worthwhile for them instead of working in a shop or a bar. If they are English learners they can do blog writing assignments, if they are design students they can do design assignments, it is completely focused on what they are learning and the skills they are developing in their course.”

Mr. Jacob noted that homework earnings can range from £2 to £2,000, giving students the opportunity to pay for their studies and leave university with no student debt and invaluable experience.

Mr. Black added that college is not just about academics, highlighting how people learn by doing and being thrown into the background.

He said: “You learn a lot of life skills in college outside of the academic side, like cooking and cleaning for yourself. It was a great learning chapter for a lot of people, but it shouldn’t necessarily take that long to learn these things.”

The experience is often hailed as a better teacher than books, a statement Black backed up when explaining early tasks on UniTaskr.

He said: “When we first launched, Oli and I covered most of the tasks ourselves, between us we covered most of the categories. So he would go out and get haircuts and go into people’s gardens to clean their windows. We were students!

“We went to mow this lady’s lawn but we didn’t have a lawnmower so we had to buy a lawnmower on the way to her house! It adds to the overall experience for the student. We really want to position ourselves at the center of the student community.”

Anisha, a current student at Swansea University in her final year of Media and Communication studies, started using UniTaskr in September 2020 after moving from London to Wales.

Since then, Anisha has earned £1,131.41 from 119 tasks and noted that she has been able to indulge herself.

She said: “I’ve definitely been able to indulge a bit more in college with takeaways and new jewelry that feels rewarding! Also, I was able to gain more exposure in the world of digital marketing through the experience with UniTaskr and realized that it was actually something I wanted to get into after a few months of joining the app.

“I received four digital marketing certificates thanks to UniTaskr and was also able to find other part-time social media jobs with a monthly income through the app!”

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