Irish woman delighted to get entire €70 purchases free at Marks and Spencer thanks to little-known deal

An Irish shopper was stunned after picking up her entire store for free at Marks and Spencer thanks to a little-known deal.

The Irish Mirror reader was in the M&S store in Dublin city center earlier this month when she scanned her app at the checkout after picking up a few things for an upcoming holiday.

She said: “Purchases were around €70, I said I would use the app just to see if there were any discounts or in case I accumulated loyalty points.

“Then the lady at the register looked a bit confused and said ‘looks like it’s free’.

“He did a quick query with his colleague and he said it wasn’t a mistake and some people are randomly selected to buy free on the app.

“I couldn’t believe it, I think the lady at the checkout had never seen it either, I’m furious I didn’t buy more stuff now, but it’s still €70 saved.”

The new offer is part of the Sparks rewards system that was put in place to entice shoppers to download the app: one customer per store receives the reward each week.

M&S states on its website: “Every time you scan your Sparks rewards card online or in store, you have the opportunity to get the purchases you’re buying for free, right there. Every week in every store, one customer will receive everything in your shopping basket, on us.

“Sparks is our customer rewards scheme. Sparks gives you the opportunity to receive small gifts and thanks, get your purchases free, and we’ll make a donation to the Sparks charity of your choice every time you shop.”

However, you won’t know if you’ll get a free store until you get to the register or online checkout, so you won’t be able to pre-plan a long pick-up before you get paid.

Have you managed to get the gift from the free shop? Let us know in the comments.

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