Ads For Adidas Sports Bras Showing Bare Breasts Banned By Advertising Standards Authority | UK News

The regulatory authority banned an ad for Adidas sports bras that featured nudity.

One tweet, posted in February, featured the bare breasts of 20 women of various skin tones, shapes and sizes, with the caption: “We believe women’s breasts of all shapes and sizes deserve support and comfort.

“That’s why our new range of sports bras contains 43 styles, so everyone can find the right fit for them.”

Two posters featured similar images and read, “The reasons we didn’t make a single new sports bra.”

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received 24 complaints that the use of nudity in advertisements was gratuitous and objectified women by sexualizing them and “reducing them to body parts”.

Some of the complainants also questioned whether the posters were appropriate to display where children could see them.

Adidas UK said the ads were intended to “reflect and celebrate different shapes and sizes, illustrate diversity and demonstrate why custom support bras mattered”, adding that the images were cropped to protect the identity of the models. , who say they volunteered to be on the campaign. .

Some users reported the post to Twitter, according to the social media company, but it was not found to be in breach of its terms of service.

The ASA said: “Although we did not consider that the manner in which the women were portrayed was sexually explicit or objectified, we considered that the depiction of bare breasts would likely be considered explicit nudity.”

“Because the ads contained explicit nudity, we felt they required careful targeting to avoid offending viewers.”

Adidas said: “The creative gallery was designed to show how diverse breasts are, featuring different shapes and sizes that highlight why personalized support is paramount.

“It is important to note that the ASA’s ruling related to the use of this creative in an untargeted manner in emails, banner ads, etc., rather than the creative itself and the message, which we proudly and is showcased at”.

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