Woman on €115 mystery trip becomes ‘most hated person’ on flight after mix-up

When it comes to travel, most people will want to try to make the experience as pleasant as possible for everyone involved.

Unfortunately, there always seems to be someone on the plane, train, or bus who ends up making things a little more difficult or frustrating. It could be a stranger hogging the armrest or even a screaming child.

A woman has had people in stitches over her own experience of this, claiming she accidentally became the “most hated person on a flight” after buying a £99 (€115) ticket to a Wowcher mystery holiday and ended up delaying takeoff.

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As Birmingham Live first reported, the student, from Scotland, went viral on TikTok after sharing her story. The clip, which was posted last year, has recently resurfaced and many people found it incredibly funny and familiar.

The young woman, called Kirsty, recounted how she had bought the Wowcher experience where you pay £99 (€115) on Wowcher for a holiday, including flights and hotel.

However, the trip is a mystery as you don’t know where you are going when you book it.

Kirsty explains that when she booked the trip, she was told that her bags were included in the price because they were only cabin bags.

But when they got to the airport, it turned out that wasn’t the case, and the plane ended up being delayed due to the mix-up, The Mirror UK reported.

“We got to the airport gate and just as we were boarding, the Ryanair woman says, ‘Look, you have to put these bags in the hold.’ We were a bit upset because we had to pay extra money that we didn’t know about and they put the bags in the hold,” she said.

“But that’s not why the plane was delayed.

“We take our seats and my friend turns to me and says ‘oh, do you have your passport?’ My passport was in the bag they put in the hold. And you can’t go through customs without your passport.”

Kirsty went on to share how she had to go and talk to the pilot, then the pilot, in turn, had to talk to the ground crew.

She added: “The ground staff had to get my bag out of the hold they put it in. And then I had to rummage through my bag in front of everyone on the plane.”

“And then they had to repack the hold with my bag in it. I was the most hated person on that flight.”

Hundreds of people responded to comments on her post, with one person admitting to having a similar experience: “Nooo I did this and only realized it when I landed in Barcelona. I stopped the entire school trip.”

Another wrote: “I would have to die.”

While someone else responded: “Oh no, I would cry.”

Kirsty added: “The walk of shame down the hall with everyone looking at me was truly a moment I would pay to forget.”

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