Seven merchants move into the new Great Yarmouth Market

15:12 May 10, 2022

More than half a dozen traders have moved into the new £4.7m market area in Great Yarmouth.

The new market space is beginning to fill with stalls as traders move from the current market a stone’s throw away.

Once full, the new covered market will have 26 main stalls of varying sizes, as well as two kiosks and spaces for temporary traders.

Last month, Extra Essentials became the first outpost to open its shutters and has been followed by another six as the council-led project nears completion.

Yasmin Harwood of Unique Sweets says the market could be the best in the country
– Credit: Anthony Carroll

The new stalls are Market Cards, Big Mama’s, Quality Books, Copland Bakery, Unique Sweets and Ginger Kitchens.

On Tuesday people could be seen buying cups of tea and coffee, birthday cards, rolls and wraps from stalls.

Yasmin Harwood of Unique Sweets was pleased to be able to set up shop in her new space and said business would pick up once more people found out about the move.

She said: “The influx has been a bit slow, but it’s early. People can find us easily and that’s the main thing.”

The new image market begins to fill with merchants

The new image market begins to fill with merchants
– Credit: Anthony Carroll

“I’ve been one of the main advocates for this new market. I think it has the potential to be the best market in the country.”

Paulina Zielinska of Ginger Kitchens said the trade had been going well so far, adding that the town’s population needed to support the market for it to be a success.

He added that Ginger Kitchens had moved to the old market because the company wanted to move into the £4.7m development and take advantage of what it had to offer.

Big Mama’s Thoko Dawes said she still had the problem of not having an exhaust fan, which prevented her from cooking.

He added that trade “will improve.”

The market will soon be full of traders.

The market will soon be full of traders.
– Credit: Anthony Carroll

More merchants will move into the new space in the coming weeks.

The move to the new market area has caused controversy as some stall owners had chosen not to move to the new structure, including Barrie’s Tea Stall and Brewer’s Chips, ending years of downtown tradition.

To help promote all merchants in the market, a Facebook page has been created. Look for Great Yarmouth Market Place.

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