Fox questions information about Tom Brady’s contract

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Apparently, a couple of companies owned by Rupert Murdoch are at odds over the details of Tom Brady’s broadcast deal with Fox.

Andres Marchand of the New York Post, a publication owned by Murdoch’s News Corp., reported Tuesday that Fox will pay Brady $375 million in a 10-year deal that begins when he retires from football. Through Marchand, a Fox spokesperson has generally taken issue with the accuracy of reporting on the Brady deal.

“What has been reported is not an accurate description of the deal and we have not released details beyond what was disclosed on our quarterly earnings call,” Fox corporate spokesman Brian Nick said.

Although Marchand points out that Nick did not specify the inaccuracy, three guesses do not appear to be necessary. Or two.

The only details reported on Brady’s deal were the length and value. Therefore, if Fox says that what has been reported is not an accurate description of the deal, the statement necessarily calls Marchand’s reporting into question.

Marchand writes that his sources have reiterated the details he reported. The bigger point is that a couple of Murdoch-owned companies aren’t on the same page about the dollars that will be paid to Murdoch’s newest employee, eventually.

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