Total lunar eclipse will be visible in San Antonio this weekend

SAINT ANTONY – There will be a total lunar eclipse this week that will turn the moon red.

On the night of May 15 and in the early morning hours of May 16, the moon will enter Earth’s shadow, causing a total lunar eclipse, according to

Most of the US will have a complete view of the phenomenon. shows that San Antonio is on track to see the full eclipse, while parts of far west Texas will see the majority of the eclipse.

It is the first total lunar eclipse since May 2021, according to NASA.

When the moon enters Earth’s shadow, it turns a reddish-brown color, also known as a blood moon.

Humans have used the moon as a way to keep track of the passing of the year for millennia. According to National Geographic, ancient cultures gave each full moon a different name based on the behavior of plants, animals, or the weather during that month.


May’s full moon is known as the Flower Moon, so it will be a total lunar eclipse of the Flower Moon.

The names of the moons, according to National Geographic, are listed below for each month of the year:

  • January – Wolf Moon

  • February – Snow Moon

  • March – Worm Moon

  • April – Pink Moon

  • May – Flower Moon

  • June – Strawberry Moon

  • July – Buck Moon

  • August – Sturgeon Moon

  • September – Harvest Moon

  • October – Hunter’s Moon

  • November – Beaver Moon

  • December – cold moon

NASA projects that the eclipse will begin around 9:15 p.m. CST and totality will begin at 10:29 p.m. Totality will end around 11:54 p.m.


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