This week’s episode of farmland, which will air tomorrow (Tuesday May 10), Hears from an industry stakeholder with advice for beef producers on concentrate feeding and taking advantage of current beef prices, as well as discussing the latest issues beef producers are currently facing of nature and mountains.

On the show, airing tomorrow at 7:00 pm, Willie Boland of Liffey Mills speaks with from agrilandia Breifne O’Brien, beef technical specialist, on meal markets and how farmers who finish cattle can make the most of their supplies.

He’ll share tips on how to take advantage of today’s beef prices, feeding near-depleted cattle on concentrates, and examine markup on feed costs.

He will also talk about the strong beef markets, referring to the high weekly throughput figures that factories are currently experiencing.

Turning to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Boland will also discuss the impact it has had and describe the current volatility in the flour markets in relation to supply chain issues and rising prices.

Willie Boland of Liffey Meals

The Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association (INHFA) recently asked the state to provide member farmers with a benchmark payment to recognize and ease the burden of farming designated land.

In the last episode of farmlandINHFA President Vincent Roddy will explain that designated land is severely devaluing and discuss how this affects farmers who want to sell or borrow from it.

He will present the organization’s call for the establishment of a fund that would compensate for the devaluation by increasing the purchase price up to the value of comparable land in the area.

Roddy will also outline INHFA’s concerns in relation to the EU Biodiversity Strategy.

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