Dublin supermarket complies with closure order for food safety breaches

A Dublin supermarket has been ordered to close for non-compliance with food safety guidelines.

The HSE sent a notice to Golden Beach Supermarket at 137 Parnell Street on May 5 under the European Union (Official Controls in Relation to Food Law) Regulations, 2020.

The order has not yet been lifted.

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In addition, a further closure order was delivered to Mrs Beltons Farm Produce in Black Ditch, Brittas Bay, Wicklow on 25 April, which was lifted on 5 May.

Some of the enforcement orders issued in April in Ireland included a lack of effective traceability systems and procedures, improper storage of raw materials and ingredients, reliance on room temperature to cool food, operating without registration or approval, and failure to implement and maintain food safety procedures.

Dr Pamela Byrne, Executive Director of FSAI, said: “The April enforcement orders show that some businesses have committed serious breaches of food safety procedures.

“Food businesses must have the proper registration and/or approval before they start producing and marketing food.

“This requirement means that food businesses will be registered and/or approved with the appropriate inspection agency to ensure food safety and protect consumer health.

“Consumers have a right to safe food and food companies have a legal requirement to ensure that the food they process, serve or sell is safe to eat.”

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