Britons furious when postboxes were painted green and ‘Ireland’ was blamed

Residents of an English town were furious after several postboxes were mysteriously painted green.

It’s been happening in places on the outskirts of Huddersfield in recent days.

West Yorkshire Police launched an investigation after residents complained of “vandalism on the Queen’s property”.

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It was originally thought that the idea might have had to do with a Green Party supporter making a comment ahead of the May election.

However, Green Party local councilor Andrew Cooper said: “It has nothing to do with us and it’s not the kind of thing the Green Party would do.”

Residents now suspect a possible link to Ireland, reports Yorkshire Live.

Post boxes in Ireland were originally red and considered a symbol of British rule, but were painted green when the country gained its independence.

Kirklees councilor Bernard McGuin, who has an Irish background and drew attention to what was happening, claimed it could be “a Sinn Fein propaganda stunt” after the party’s success in northern elections.

Kirklees councilor and former postman Bernard McGuin inspects one of the Royal Mail letterboxes which has been painted apple green in Lepton

“I am stunned by what has happened but it looks like someone involved in Sinn Fein could be involved here,” he said.

“The neighbors consider what has been done as vandalism.

“Hopefully the boxes go back to the traditional red. I hope we get a response from Royal Mail as to what’s going on. As a dour Yorkshire Conservative, I miss the red ones.”

Zena Walker, who runs a hardware store that used to be a post office, was surprised when she came to work Thursday to find one of the painted boxes next to her store.

She said: “It must have been done at some point when I left here on Wednesday at 4.30pm and when I arrived at 8am on Thursday.

“I immediately reported it to the police as it is vandalism on the Queen’s property. They gave me a crime reference number and I want it repainted in its appropriate color as soon as possible.”

“On Thursday, it was the talk of the store with people asking what had happened.”

Margaret Hardy, 79, who has lived in suburban Edgerton for over 40 years, added: “Edgerton is a conservation area, so we take any kind of ‘attack on tradition’ very seriously here. I just hope the police are doing their best to find the culprit.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “We do not know who repainted these boxes and we are reporting this matter to the police. We will repaint the boxes in the iconic red as soon as possible.”

Both Sinn Fein and West Yorkshire Police have been contacted for comment.

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