Android 13 Beta 1 for Google TV quietly released

Earlier this week, Google started beta testing Android 13 for Android TV. As in previous years, a system image is available for the ADT-3 development kit.

The beta version is an opportunity for you to test your apps and provide feedback on the latest version. More customizations will be introduced in Android to improve the experience and compatibility on TV with the every launch.

Given the different experiences, there are separate testing paths for Android TV and Google TV. You can install a Google TV Beta 1 system image in the ADT-3 Developer Kit today.

Meanwhile, the Android TV 13 and Google TV beta testing experience is available via the Android TV emulator. Google has identified the following issues and does not offer the most stable experience:

  • When Bluetooth headphones are connected, AV playback in some apps does not work.
  • In some cases, when trying to pair Bluetooth devices, pressing the side button on the ADT-3 device does not trigger the search for Bluetooth devices. If remote pairing is lost, you can fix it by using ADB commands to simulate remote input. Alternatively, you can re-flash the drive.
  • The remote control buttons cannot be reconfigured using the remote control and accessories menu.
  • The option to change the HDMI-CEC control is currently missing from the remote control and accessories menu.
  • When streaming to 4k TVs, only the top left quarter of the image is displayed.
  • In some cases, when the ADT-3 device is connected to an LG TV, the remote control does not work.
  • When using the Google Play Movies app, 4K playback is corrupted with a gray screen and noise.
  • For iOS devices, the Google Home app does not connect to the ADT-3 device. To fix this issue, use the Google Home app on an Android device or the ADT-3 remote.

This Beta 1 was released (h/t Android Police) on May 4, or just over a week after the Pixel version became available. Stay tuned as we dive into what’s new.

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