Here is the answer, clues for May 6

Happy Friday, nerds! I’m glad you’ve joined us for another day of work at the Word together. If you just want today’s answer, the word #321 can be found clearly marked at the bottom of this post, but if you want a friend to help you out with some more subtle hints and tips, we’ve got those too.

In case you are new here: Word was invented by engineer Josh Wardle as a gift for his fellow puzzle lover and went super viral in late 2021. His original game was bought by the New York Times earlier this year in a spicy seven-figure deal.

What is the best Word initial word?

Solving that definitely requires real math, and we’re not here for the math, but luckily, other people have solved it for us. There are plenty of options.

What about all these other Word-style games? What is a sleep?!

if you just want plus Wordle, all at once, try sleep Y quartet and the larger numbers that lie beyond. If you want to cash in on your nerdy knowledge, try out these fandom-inspired versions or test your ears with the musical guessing game. to listen.

Is he New York Times doing Word harder now?

No, that’s your confirmation bias at work. It’s the same old Wordle, with some “harder” words. But you can always turn on hard mode, which means you can’t make guesses that don’t have previously confirmed letters. Ooooh.

Not the day you’re looking for? Here is the Word answer and clues for May 5.

Where can I play all the old Words?

One a day is not enough? All the archive of the past. Words is available to play online.

Why are there sometimes two different Word answers the same day?

As we have covered before, this is due to some changes that New York Times has been made to Wardle’s original word list to remove obscure, offensive, or confusing words.

Here’s a hint for May 6. Word answer:

If you add an R to the end, you will get the name of an animal.

Word 321 is a 5 letter word that starts with…

Bzzz bzzz bzzzz… the letter B!

What is the answer to May 6? Word?

Do you want the answer to Wordle #321?





Didn’t you come today? Okay, the beauty of Word is that there is always a tomorrow. Check back now for more hints and tips, you hear me?

Reporting by Amanda Yeo, Caitlin Welsh, and Adam Rosenberg contributed to this article.

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