Eir and EasyGo install charging points for electric vehicles in Co Carlow

Eir has installed seven new electric vehicle charging stations in Co Carlow, as part of its partnership with electric mobility service provider EasyGo.

The telecommunications company said more installations are planned throughout the county.

Following the removal of eir’s universal service obligation to provide public payphones in 2020, he committed to finding alternative ways to support public infrastructure across the country.

Eir identified the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles as a way to provide support to the community.

Today’s announcement marks the first installation of EV chargers as a result of the partnership, in conjunction with Carlow County Council.

“Electric vehicles are a critical part of the Government’s Climate Action Plan, which sets a target of almost a million electric vehicles on the roads by 2030,” said Oliver Loomes, chief executive of eir.

“For Ireland to go electric, we need to have the infrastructure in place, not just in the cities, but across Ireland.

“We are proud to partner with EasyGo and Carlow County Council to assist in the installation of electric vehicle charging points in the City and County of Carlow,” he said.

He said this new infrastructure will benefit the community in a similar way that public payphone services did before.

“The chargers will not only benefit people who live and work in Carlow, but also those who travel.

“Today we are in talks with other county councils across the country and hope that others will follow Carlow’s example.

“Wherever possible, we will replace unused EIR public phone kiosks with electric vehicle fast charging units, and continue to assist EasyGo and Ireland’s county councils to help make the transition to electric vehicle ownership smooth.” a viable alternative for people,” he added.

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