5 Baker Mayfield landing spots after the 2022 Draft

Former OU quarterback Baker Mayfield speaks to the crowd at Owen Field on April 23 in Norman.

Where will Baker Mayfield land this offseason? There’s still a good chance the former Heisman Trophy winner will be traded, but to whom?

The NFL Draft has come and gone, and we still don’t know where Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield will land after a trade. Will he be traded or will the team just have to release him after two months with no real solid movement on a potential deal?

Both sides seem pretty stubborn at this point. Mayfield said he felt “disrespected” and the Browns organization doesn’t seem to want to let go of the idea of ​​trading Mayfield and taking his current contract off the books.

I’m still in the camp that thinks the Browns won’t release him, but they’ll still work out a deal where they’ll pay a good chunk of salary while they trade.

Who are the teams that still fit into this scenario? I have reached five teams that are still in play. I’ll start with the least likely team and end with the best fit.

Fifth landing spot for Baker Mayfield: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Here’s a team in the Buccaneers that currently has Tom Brady at quarterback. Brady retired for a couple of months and then decided to come back. So if Mayfield lands here, he would be the backup quarterback.

With Brady retiring again in the next year or two, Mayfield could sit behind Brady and take over the Bucs at any moment.

Former Bucs head coach Bruce Arians has said in the past that he wanted to be the Browns’ head coach publicly. He is now a senior football consultant for the Buccaneers. Arians and the rest of the Buccaneers front office must be looking at a player like Mayfield as a potential backup for Tom Brady. The organization knows that he will soon retire again and Mayfield would be there ready to pick up the slack.

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