Louise Cooney and Keith Walsh talk about mental health

Ahead of Pieta Darkness into Light 2022, broadcaster and mental health advocate Keith Walsh talks about the importance of speaking up and asking for help if you feel like you need it.

Keith is launching a special two-part podcast featuring conversations with Darkness into Light ambassadors Shane Carthy and Louise Cooney, discussing their personal stories, why they’re so drawn to the event, as well as the importance of everyone trying to care. your mental health. Health.

Keith feels that it is important that all people, young and old, feel that they can help.

“The more spaces we create where people can be vulnerable and honest about their struggles with mental health, the better. When we hear that others are also struggling, we know we’re not alone and it gives us every permission to raise our hands and say we need to.” help”.

Lifestyle blogger and Pieta #Dil2022 ambassador Louise Cooney and Keith share a conversation about the importance of breaking the stigma around mental health issues.

Louise says that she has had to find tools to deal with her own struggles with anxiety:

“When I learned how important it is to take care of it, I took it very seriously. It honestly made no difference in my life, it just made my life easier.”

Louise says that she feels a very personal connection with Pieta Darkness into Light:

“It’s something we’ve always done together as a family. It’s a beautiful walk. It really fills you with hope and allows you to reflect…”

Support information is available at RTE.ie/helplines

Pieta Darkness Into Light 2022: Podcast Special with Keith Walsh is available on RTÉ Radio Player, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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