Apple Watch Series 8 could have body temperature tracking

The Apple Watch Series 7

The next Apple Watch could finally add body temperature monitoring.
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One of the most distressing parts of ttrying to conceive or finding out if you’re sick it’s tracking your body temperature. The next Apple Watch could help with this annoying, repetitive, and emotionally laborious task.

According to a combination of rumors and leaked industry analysts, Apple has been hard at work tweaking the algorithms of its upcoming smartwatch specifically to monitor body temperature. The advice comes from trusted industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who tweeted that if the algorithms meet the requirements, the feature could be standard on Apple’s next generation of wearable devices, the Apple Watch Series 8. This follows Bloomberg report from last year that said Apple was “meant to put a monitor with a body temperature sensor” in the series 7 and that it was more likely to appear in this year’s model.

Body temperature monitoring, in particular, has been a complex feature for wearable device manufacturers to resolve. “The challenge in implementing accurate body temperature measurement is that skin temperature varies rapidly based on external environments,” Kuo tweeted. That’s why Apple and its main rival on the Android side of things, Samsungthey do not yet have the capability built into their respective smartwatches.

It may sound like a nichecharacteristic e, but bMonitoring body temperature has long been considered one of the traditional ways to track fertility, something couples trying to conceive would love to be able to do more easily.. that is becausene way to check for ovulation is to refer to incremental temperature changes. But manually registering them while also driving all other work related to having a child it could add to your emotional baggage, not to mention get rid of a constant follow-up. Why not have your smartwatch passively manage all of that in the background??

Body temperature tracking is also helpful in diagnosis diseases, something that most of our readers have probably received very acquainted in recent years.

Other handheld companies have tried to launch devices to help with fertility tracking. But nothing beats a conventional smartwatch, especially the (alone, to be fair) one that you can buy as part of Apple’s (walled garden) ecosystem. Although other portable devices work with iPhone, the Oura Ringfor example, that it also offers body temperature control: it’s much easier to use the one device that does it all.

The Apple Watch SE, which claims to be “heavy on features” and “low on price”, is also looking at a potential upgrade. The Apple Watch SE 2 could join the Series 8 in a big reveal at Apple’s highly anticipated event this fall. Bloomberg It kicked off initial speculation last year when it reported that Apple was considering releasing a tuned Apple Watch for its rugged users. The Apple Watch SE 2 case could be stronger and more resistant to the elements, the site claims..

We’ll know what Apple has in store if it makes its announcements later this year. The good news is that it looks like more body monitoring is coming to smartwatches soon, which means more aggregation of valuable health data. If finally Google launches its pixel clockthis will be the year wearables arrive interesting again.

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