Apple and Samsung are working on thermometers for the next watches, but one has problems

Dear analyst Ming Chi Kuo claims Apple intended to ship the feature with last year Look at Series 7, but that didn’t happen because apparently the algorithm wasn’t good enough. Since then, the company has made progress and if the algorithm passes the quality test, it can introduce the feature with the Watch 8.
This is not the first time we have heard about the feature. Both Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal They have also reported that the Watch Series 8 could include a body temperature sensor. They have also said that it might not be used to detect fever initially, but instead could help with fertility planning alone.

Kuo expands on this by explaining that skin temperature varies depending on external conditions, and since a smartwatch cannot measure core temperature due to hardware limitations, the watch must use an algorithm to determine the user’s accurate body temperature. .

Samsung is also facing the same challenge and although a report had said that the Galaxy Watch 5 could offer a built-in thermometer, Kuo says that the South Korean giant has not yet achieved its algorithm and therefore its next watch, expected in the second half of the year, is likely not to include the function. .
Other changes that will come to the next Apple The (potential) best smartwatch apparently includes improvements to irregular heartbeat monitoring, the ability to send short messages over satellite networks, a new low-power mode to extend battery life, and new watch faces.
Although Apple’s 30 percent market share gave it a wide lead over its next closest rival Samsung last year, its share declined 3 percent year over year, while the latter saw 200 percent growth. Amazfit and Garmin also performed better than the market average. The competition is likely to intensify this year, as Google is likely to present its first smart watch this month.

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