Strange type of rock on Mars points to extremely violent volcanic eruptions

An unusual type of rock detected by two Mars rovers may indicate that the Martian landscape was shaped by extremely violent volcanic eruptions.

The Nili Fossae region of Marswhich includes the Jezero Crater that NASA perseverance vehicle is currently exploring, is full of bedrock laden with the volcanic mineral olivine. That same olivine-rich bedrock was also found in Gusev Crater, where NASA spirit rover it wandered until its disappearance in 2010. But the connection between the regions was not made until now, by a team led by planetary geologist Steve Ruff of Arizona State University. The researchers examined data from several Mars rovers to confirm geological similarities, indicating that local rocks could have been formed by similar processes. Scientists then compared Spirit’s images of the rock from Gusev Crater with images of rocks from Earth.

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