Grammy Award-Winning Director Alan Ferguson Creates New Ads That Tackle Credit and Personal Finance

Fresh off winning a Grammy for directing John Batistais FREEDOM, alan ferguson shares his personal finance story in a series of new ads created for Self Financial.

As part of Ferguson’s partnership with Self Financial, the credit building platform that works to increase economic inclusion and financial resilience, the award-winning director is able to share his passion for financial management.

Ferguson spent his life avoiding debt and credit, often working with cash, even after building a successful career directing music videos. However, he learned that credit and debt are the building blocks of personal finance, often dictating where people live, the cost of a loan, and even where people work.

“The current situation for many people is that a lack of financial knowledge, education and support leads to a famine of opportunity,” Ferguson told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“It’s a big deal, but credit can make people’s eyes glaze over. That’s why when we did this Self campaign, we knew we had to make this interesting. Make it feel like something you can’t wait to do. That’s why we infused it with such joy.”

Ferguson chose to partner with Self Financial to create ads that explore the financial dreams of real-life people, capturing them elevating those dreams by leveraging Self’s credit-building tools.

Ferguson only picks projects that speak to him. His work on these ads is part of his and Self’s mission to spread the word about credit building tools to remind people, especially communities of color, that they are not alone when navigating finances and building resiliency. financial.

“In my previous life, I always followed some of my father’s old principles about, ‘Hey, if you don’t have it, don’t even spend it,’” Ferguson admitted.

“It was only about eight years ago that it became more relevant for me to understand. I’m like, OK, I have to understand this game. I have to master it to be able to make really informed decisions.”

“Financial education must be part of our basic educational system. Especially middle school and high school,” added FerGuson.

“There should be all kinds of courses that are part of your curriculum. Like a semester learning about credit. A semester on investments. A semester on the power of compound interest. So when you leave the school, you have a basic proximity and understanding of it.”

“That is the most important. People feel like they have no control. This system that we’re in: credit is a main tool or a main aspect of the way the system works. So if that’s the case, then we have to learn the game and what the rules of that particular game are.”

Self Financial applauded Ferguson’s ads and sees them as a way to connect with consumers who can benefit from its mission and services.

“At Self, we give millions of people the tools they need to build credit for their future. It is wonderful to work with Alan, a director who identifies with our mission and only takes on projects that resonate personally, to capture and represent the realization of the dreams of our clients and many Americans.” Brett Billicksaid Self Financial’s director of marketing.

“With these ads, we’re trying to show what’s possible when people are empowered to build credit and savings,” said Brett Billick, director of marketing for Self Financial.

“We hope viewers will reflect on these vignettes and be reminded that they are not alone when navigating finances and building financial resilience.”

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