Goalry Launches World’s First Virtual ‘Goal Mall’ to Reinvent Personal Finance

The world’s first ‘Goal Mall’ is an all-new fintech experience and financial goal management platform that is set to reinvent consumer personal finance. It opens on August 19.

The platform, Goal, is based on a multi-level playing field grid and is the first of its kind in any industry. With the help of an intuitive symbol of a heart, each user has a personalized dashboard that shows their journey and progress towards achieving their goals. It also shows a financial health score.

On the platform, a 3D timeline allows goals to automatically sync as members fund goals through their financial accounts. Members can see projections of when they should reach their goals, based on their activity. Goalry’s ‘gamification’ element allows people to feel a sense of accomplishment once they get closer to meeting their goals.

When financial accounts are synced, all eight finance stores on the third floor with trademarks under the ‘Goalry’ umbrella such as ‘Wealthry’, ‘Budgetry’, and ‘Loanry’, among others, are activated. Each of Goalry’s financial stores also has a separate domain where visitors can get a member key on a platform and log in. This single-brand, many-entry-points, single-platform approach is the first of its kind in any industry.

The second floor of Goal Mall covers financial education, where users can access videos and blogs for information on a variety of financial topics. This floor includes a virtual mall cinema that features content so users can learn more about finances.

Goalry also offers a social community downstairs. Members can connect and share to help further each other’s goals, more than just becoming wealthier or debt-free. Since the goals have life events attached to them, the mall supports this narrative with an annual generated shareable scrapbook highlighting the journey.

Goalry is a fintech platform and a virtual ‘goal mall’. Similar to a regular shopping mall, it provides a single location to access and purchase different solutions that help people achieve their goals. Goalry offers easy-to-use money tools with fun life management features to give members an immersive experience across three floors. A single member key grants access to each of the floors to unlock financial services ‘stores’, financial education and a social community. Goalry also acts as a comparison shopping website, giving consumers the best possible chance of finding the right product.

Ethan Taubsaid Goalry CEO,

“Goalry unifies the fintech wheel and makes personal finance a whole new and streamlined experience for everyone. All finances are managed under one virtual roof in Goal Mall, making it convenient and fun for people who want to reach their goals.” goals.

“The Goal Mall feels like an immersive virtual world where members don’t care about their surroundings, while moving towards realistic goals that the platform helps them achieve through playful experiences.

“Since we are all born with the desire to want to pay for experiences and then share them socially, Goalry gives users the tools for users to do just that, and achieve realistic goals they can be proud of.”

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