Ranking of personal finance apps shows movement

Managing personal finances has never been easy for most people except maybe your annoying cousin who is really good at math and also a cheapskate so bringing mobile apps to do the task is causing a revolution especially for those of us who are really bad. in that

Enter the PYMNTS Personal Finance App Provider Ranking. This is a safe space for people with financial problems, that is, “those who have problems with money”, and this collection of applications helps us improve all the time, with smart strategies to straighten personal finances.

But enough of this prose. Let’s do these numbers.

top 5

At this point, we’re almost ready to start placing bets that the Chime app will be at No. 1 next month, as it is in this ranking and almost all of those rankings in 2021. It’s a hot streak.

Moving up a spot to No. 2 is Robinhood, stealing from no one and providing those in need with personal finance management help of the algorithmic variety.

Another winner at No. #3 this cycle is the Stash app, which is still considering an IPO.

Acorns usually fall, but the Acorns Invest Spare Change app defies gravity and competition to move up one position on the chart this cycle and land on number 4.

One spot down, but keeping the Top 5 at No. 5, we have the Albert Save And Spend Smarter app, which continues its somewhat remarkable climb up these rankings in 2021.

top 10

Here’s something. Dropping four chart positions and out of the Top 5 to take No. 6 this month is the Current app. This one goes up a bit, but never seems to break out of the Top 10.

By reusing the previous album title “As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls”, we now see a cascading effect where the score drops further up the charts and can affect the rankings further down the charts.

Such is the case of the SoFi application, which dropped one place to number 7.

This is going to get a bit repetitive, but we find the same dynamic in the rest of this ranking.

Also at the bottom of the chart this cycle is the myWisely Financial Wellness app, now at #8.

Same story for the Fidelity Investments app, dropping one place to No. 9.

Knocking us out of the Top 10 at No. 10 this time is London-based Emma Budget Manager app, with its gummy bear logo, the perfect bookend for another edition of the Personal Finance App Vendor Ranking.



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