Google Your Phone Number NOW – You Can Finally Remove It From Search Results

GOOGLE is making it easy to remove sensitive information about you from search results.

The US tech titan said on Wednesday that users can now request to have their addresses and phone numbers removed from results.


You can now ask Google to remove your phone number, address, and other personally identifiable information from search results.Credit: Getty

Email contacts and other data can also be removed from the results. The measure aims to protect the privacy and security of people online.

Google has for years filed appeals to remove personal information from search results.

This includes bank account details or credit card numbers that criminals could use to commit financial fraud.

The new expanded policy follows years of pressure from users to allow the removal of other personally identifiable data from the web.

“The availability of personal contact information online can be disconcerting,” Google wrote in a blog post about the change.

“It can be used in harmful ways, including for direct unwanted contact or even physical harm.

“And people have told us that they would like the ability to remove this type of information from Search in some cases.”

Google accepts requests to remove content through its website. It takes a few days to process an application.

The firm said it will evaluate all content on a page to make sure it doesn’t limit the availability of useful information.

This could apply, for example, if the information appears in a news article.

The firm said it will also not remove contact information that is part of the public record on government websites or official sources.

While the information can be removed from search results, it needs to be removed from the original website to be removed from the Internet.

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“It’s important to remember that removing content from Google Search will not remove it from the internet,” Google said.

The firm added that you may want to contact the hosting site directly to remove your information at the source.

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