AIB urgently warns all customers about a new scam they admit sounds ‘strange’

AIB is urgently warning all customers about a taxi scam in which some customers are throwing away their cards after being duped by criminals.

The “strange” trick sees a scammer, pretending to be from AIB, calling or texting you to tell you that your card details are already in the wrong hands of criminals and that AIB has arranged a taxi to collect your card .

He has already fooled some people with the bank sending a warning to all customers about the trick.

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The bank says: “The scam sees a genuine taxi arrive, pick up your card and innocently hand it over to a real criminal. They now have access to the money in your account.”

“While we may call you if we see suspicious activity on your card, we will never ask you to return it. We will never send a taxi to collect the card. We will never ask you to click on a link.

“If you get a call about suspicious activity on your card and the call sounds strange in some way, just hang up. You can also freeze your card or cancel it online.”

An email from the company to customers adds: “This may sound like a strange idea, but it shows how far scammers will go to get their hands on your card.”

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