Customers urged to take important step to save money before Electric Ireland raises prices in May

Electric Ireland customers have been urged to do one important thing before new price increases are introduced at the end of the month if they want to save some extra money.

Customers will see an increase in their bills starting next month as the energy provider implements price increases of 23.4% for electricity and 24.8% for gas starting May 1.

As Ireland’s cost of living crisis continues, many people will be looking to reduce their energy consumption. However, customers have been advised to take a simple step to ensure they are not overcharged for their use.

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The night before the price change, Saturday, April 30, customers must take a picture of their meter and write down the reading.

Stock image of a domestic electricity meter.

After doing this, customers can contact Electric Ireland to ensure they have the most accurate and up-to-date reading to avoid additional costs.

If customers don’t do this, the next time their meter is read, electricity used in April can be charged at the new increased price.

Instead of emailing or calling Electric Ireland, you can also submit your reading online here .

This increase will be equivalent to €24.80 per month in the average residential electricity bill and €18.35 per month in the average residential gas bill.

Commenting on this recent announcement, Marguerite Sayers, CEO of Electric Ireland, said: ‘We are acutely aware that the rising cost of living is causing hardship for households across the country.

“Unfortunately, the sustained and unprecedented volatility in wholesale gas prices over the last 12 months means that we now need to increase our prices.

“We delayed the increase as long as we could in the hope that wholesale prices would fall back to the levels of early 2021, but unfortunately this has not happened.”

She added: ” electric ireland had the lowest cumulative price increases in the last 12 months. We continue to provide the best value possible and will maintain one of the lowest standard rates in the market, even after this increase.

“We know that this is unpleasant news, but internationally gas prices are out of our control and have a huge impact on our costs.

“We appreciate that this is a challenging time and we are committed to helping any of our customers experiencing financial hardship.

“As always, we encourage any Electric Ireland customer who is having difficulty paying their energy bill to contact us and we will work with them to put a manageable payment plan in place.”

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