Pixel Watch is now the official name of the Pixel Watch

As if there was any lingering thought that Google would give it a different name, it appears that the company has filed a patent application to secure the name. pixel clock for your next highly filtered wearable. While tech companies haven’t always been the smartest when it comes to naming their own products, it seems that calling this watch anything other than the Pixel Watch would have been a complete mistake on Google’s part.


Either way, it’s now officially claimed (trademark still pending for now) by Google and the device we’ve been referring to (we mean the collective internet) for months at this point, as the Pixel Watch may now be technically referred to as such. The truth is, even if Google was thinking of naming it something else before the last few months, they have surely seen the hype around it and probably should have changed the name to Pixel Watch regardless of the original brand.

Let’s face it, this watch has been leaked in early renders, marketing materials, and even more renders at this point, so there’s not much left for Google’s end of things besides making an official unveiling. At the end of the day, we’ve been told to expect a preview of Google I/O next month and a release later in the year. With the fact that we’ve yet to see the Pixel Watch go through the FCC or Bluetooth SIG at this point, it seems unlikely that we’ll get it soon after I/O, even if Google chooses to show it to us at that point. But with all the recent hype around the device, perhaps there’s still hope that it will go on sale before Google’s standard fall hardware event.

SOURCE: 9 to 5 Google

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