Card payment and new maximum taxi fares proposed by the NTA

Paying by card for a taxi looks set to become easier as the National Transport Authority (NTA) announces plans to require card payment facilities in all taxis.

The proposal is among those contained in the 2022 National Taxi Maximum Fare Review Report published today, with the launch of an online public consultation to consider the creation of a maximum fare order and further regulations under the provisions of the Law. of Taxi Regulation 2013.

Under the proposals, taxis will be aligned with other services across the country after a recommendation to introduce such a provision was first made in 2019, but the planned implementation was postponed due to the pandemic.

The 2019 report looked at the cost of operating a taxi service compared to 2017 and recommended an increase in the National Maximum Taxi Fee of 4.5%, but this too was postponed due to the pandemic.

Today’s report found that, overall, the costs associated with operating a taxi increased by approximately 11% between 2017 and 2022.

The 2019 fee revision recommended an additional 1% adjustment for additional costs associated with the introduction of cashless payment facilities, such as transaction fees and hardware provision, which was factored into the recommended maximum fee increase of the 12%.

Late last year NTA Chief Executive Anne Graham appeared before the Oireachtas Transport Committee to explain the need for regulation in this area and in particular the introduction of a requirement for taxis to accept payment electronic.

The new proposals are now open for public consultation and the closing date is Friday May 27 at 12:00, and the matter will be taken to the NTA board.

The Taxi Fare Review is generally carried out by the NTA every two years to assess operating costs and fares in the SPSV sector.

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