The Globe is expanding its coverage of personal finance, business and investing

All Canadians have questions about their personal finances. Many younger readers wonder if, or where, they will be able to afford a first home. Linked to housing affordability issues is the rising cost of living, and with rising inflation, the fallout from the expected rise in the multiple interest rate this year. Two years of remote work have permanently altered urban landscapes, provided challenges for small businesses, while government debt levels have us all concerned for the future.

All of which reinforces the need for reliable news and advice that can help you navigate these changes.

That’s why The Globe is expanding its coverage of personal finance, business and investing, adding more reporters, new beats and new tools to help inform your personal and professional decisions.

As of February 5, personal finance coverage will be expanded. Find information on how successful investors built their portfolios, how to tackle specific financial challenges, and how to thrive in the real estate market.

In the coming months, we’ll bring you a growing diversity of voices and an expanded set of tools to help you build a portfolio, plan for retirement, choose a mortgage, and more.

At the same time, we are also focusing on pressing issues like the future of work, green technology, and the economy. We have assigned additional reporters to investigate our nation’s finances and the huge decisions that have been made during the lockdown.

Our reporters will talk to C-suite leaders about how they make tough decisions, what their biggest mistakes are, and how they tackle the last great taboo, the toll leadership takes on mental health. As new voices and different approaches to work emerge, we will offer detailed profiles and features.

Rest assured, our commitment to independent journalism and our access to the most influential decision-makers in the country ensures that we are even better positioned to provide answers to the questions we are all asking ourselves right now.

david walmsley

Chief editor

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