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Your credit score doesn’t determine your worth, but it can greatly affect your access and opportunities. And if money management isn’t something you learned as a kid, it’s hard to find a way to catch up.

This week in “In Conversation” we discuss personal finance and financial education. Do you need a budget and how do you go about making one? What debts should you pay first? And how can you take what you earn now and use it to plan for a more financially secure future?

There’s a lot going on in Louisville, and WFPL’s “In Conversation” with Rick Howlett gives people a platform to talk, with each other and the wider community, about the biggest issues facing our city, state and region. Live at 11am every Friday on 89.3 WFPL. Call 502-814-TALK to join the conversation.

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Michelle Tyrene Johnson is the associate producer of WFPL’s talk show “In Conversation” and hosts the “Race Unwrapped” podcast.

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