Co-op Throws Out Yogurt Expiration Dates as Research Suggests 50% of Jars Are Thrown Away Unopened | UK News

Expiration dates on Co-op yogurts will be removed, the company has announced.

Instead, the supermarket giant plans to use expiration dates.

It says the move is an industry first, and will apply to its entire range of own-brand yogurts.

According to the supermarket giant, six million people in the UK eat a yoghurt every day.

Co-op said that six million people in the UK eat yoghurt every day, but research from the Wrap charity shows that half is thrown away in unopened packets, mainly because they are not used in time.

Executive Nick Cornwell said that yogurt can be safe to eat if it is stored unopened in a refrigerator even after the date mark is printed on it.

“So we’ve made the change to expiration dates to help reduce food waste,” he said.

“Wrap data has suggested that 70% of food waste occurs in the home.

“Our ambition is to help our members and customers make small changes that will collectively have a big impact and fight unnecessary food waste.

“Controlling food waste is not only beneficial for managing household budgets, it also has an environmental benefit and will ultimately help reduce carbon emissions.”

Wrap’s Catherine David said they were “delighted” with the stance Co-op was taking.

He added: “Wasting food fuels climate change and costs money.

“Enforcing an expiration date helps give people the confidence to use their judgment to eat past the expiration date and use more of the yogurt they buy, protecting the planet and their pocketbooks.”

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