The Ryanair Flight Mistake You Make Every Time You Book: The Secret To Getting The Best Seat

Summer holidays are back and the pandemic is no longer stopping the Irish from heading to their favorite sun spots.

Ryanair has a great summer schedule with dozens of flights leaving Ireland to all corners of Europe every day.

But when people book, many don’t think about where they sit and end up envying others in better seats than they are when they’re on the plane.

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However, following Ryanair’s handy aircraft map, this will not be a problem for those who come prepared.

Do you want more legroom? An early departure or the perfect view? These are the seats you need to reserve on your next flight.

Ryanair best seats

Early departure or first to use the bathroom

If you want to avoid the bathroom queue on board and be the first off the flight, you must reserve a seat in rows 1 A, B, C or 2 D, E, F.

Best Picture Places

Are you flying over beautiful views and want to take a picture? You should reserve a window seat that is located somewhere between the rows 15 and 18.


Who wouldn’t want extra legroom? The budget airline says you should go by rows 16 and 17 to get some extra room for your feet.

Take a nap

There is only one answer for this, 11A It doesn’t have a window, so it’s perfect for getting those precious hours of sleep on the go.

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