Plan to plant 100,000 hectares of new forest in Ireland

Semi-state forestry company Coillte, which manages Ireland’s state-owned forests, has launched a major new strategy to maximize the benefits of forestry.

The company aims to massively expand carbon sequestration, forest plantation, biodiversity and recreational facilities by 2050.

Coillte manages 440,000 hectares of forest in Ireland, which represents 7% of the country’s land area.

With its new strategy, the company aims to further improve its sustainability, while continuing to develop the forestry and wood products sector and providing greater biodiversity and recreational activities.

The company aims to capture 28 million tons of CO2 by 2050, by planting 100,000 hectares of new forests and optimizing carbon management from existing trees, rewetting peatland areas and generating wind power. to supply half a million homes.

Increase sustainable wood production for the construction industry, promoting the use of wood products and wood housing, increase the area of ​​its forestry managed primarily for nature from 20% to 50%, and double the amount of recreational areas for the public. 500.

The company said that the new strategy will allow the creation of 1,200 direct and indirect jobs in the next five to ten years.

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