Ryanair passengers furious after booking system suffers outage

Ryanair passengers were left angry and panicked on Thursday after the airline’s reservation system suffered an outage.

Tourists looking to check in for flights or book future trips were left stressed after online booking and check-in systems became “temporarily inaccessible” from 12 p.m.

Many reported that their trips were canceled based on the Ryanair app, even though the flights were running as planned.

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The error caused widespread confusion among travelers, some of whom had already arrived at the airport only to find that their flights were incorrectly listed as canceled due to the system outage.

The company apologized for the problem and said they were working to resolve it.

Customers who had trouble checking in online for flights on Thursday were told they could do so for free at their departure airport.

Passengers vented their fury online after the system went down ahead of Easter weekend, one of the busiest times of the year for international travel.

One person said: “@Ryanair My flight from London to Stansted has been cancelled. No flights available from all of London to Ireland until May. What’s going on? #ryanair.”

A second wrote: “Uhmmmm. Has someone canceled Ryanair’s April flight? Mine just got canceled and I can’t see any flights available in April to any destinations. Does @Ryanair want to explain?”

A third person said: “@Ryanair Help! My return flight from #AGP Malaga to #PIK Prestwick on Saturday FR656 is showing as canceled but people say there was a technical problem canceling all flights. What is going?”.

A fourth said: “My flight from Manchester to Palermo for tomorrow night seems canceled on the app but I haven’t received any email? Is my flight confirmed or cancelled?”

A fifth commented: “@Ryanair Received conflicting messages saying my flight from DUB -> EMA was canceled on Tuesday the 18th. Can you confirm?”

A sixth said: “@Ryanair @askryanair Help! Daughter just left Bristol for Naples via Milan on RYR8262. I was just informed the Milan-Naples flight was cancelled. Any advice? Thanks.”

Another added: “A friend booked a new flight because their app said their flight was cancelled. Can you guarantee them a refunded return trip due to a bug in your app?”

Someone else said: “@Ryanair what do you plan for customers who actually thought their flight was canceled and have already requested a refund?”

And another wrote: “@Ryanair @Ryanair has just confirmed that flight fr5052 was in fact not canceled and there is a bug in their system today.”

Ryanair said in a statement: “Due to a reservation system failure today at approximately 12pm, our reservation system for April and our online check-in system are temporarily unavailable. We are working with our reservation system provider reserves, Navitaire, to restore these systems as soon as possible.

“Any passenger who has not yet checked in online may have difficulty doing so for the next two hours and can check in at the airport for free while we restore the Navitaire system.

“We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience suffered by passengers as a result of this brief interruption of reservations and check-in in April.

“There are no interruptions to bookings made in May, June, July or beyond, and all flights today are operating as scheduled.”

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