3 keys to building your personal brand

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When personal brands become powerful, their architects become in-demand speakers, excel as thought leaders, positively impact the world, and leave legacies of leadership to the next generation.

When you having a brand, opportunities knock at your door. When people search for your name on Google, your title should appear on the first page of that search engine. It gives you visibility, credibility, authenticity and offers countless opportunities.

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Emphasize emotional storytelling

Whatever you do, you must do it with passion. You have to work for a cause, not for the applause. You must put people before profit. You must focus on other people to make a difference in the lives of others.

Companies create a sense of compulsion and urgency to buy their products and successful brands often explore insecurities to exploit them emotionally while focusing more on feelings than information.

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make it organic

Share your insights through emotional storytelling to connect with your demo. People only care when you care for them.

Identify the global challenges you are passionate about and offer solutions. Discover your core values, respect them and constantly contribute to making others notice them.

Treat adding value as an end product and building your brand as a by-product, to avoid being disappointed if you don’t meet all your expectations.

advertising as protection

Even if you go bankrupt, your brand will protect you. Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Donald Trump bounced back from business failures because of their name recognition. Remember, the brand provides you with insurance. You can bounce back from any obstacle if your online star power is bright enough.

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